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"I found this filthy Snoopy plush radio at an antique store last weekend. I, being the Snoopy fanatic that I am, had to take him home and clean him up. I did a little test spot clean and was amazed that I actually saw white under all that crud. Here's a before and after OxiClean picture..."

Wexford, PA
"My husband was at a black tie event for work when a drunken woman stumbled in to him and spilt red wine all over the sleeve of his new white dress shirt. He was away for a week so by the time the shirt got home it was well dried in and he told me to throw it away as it was beyond saving. I mixed up a paste of Oxyclean and worked it into the stain and let it sit for a while. Then I put it into a 40 degree wash with some more Oxyclean and just left it to work. I didn't know what to think when I opened the washer but there was no trace of the wine stain, it was spotless and as good as new. Well done Oxyclean."

Birmingham, United Kingdom
"I really appreciate OxiClean because I have yet to find a stain the OxiClean can't remove."

Grandma of 11
Manhattan, New York
"Our 20 year old boat needed new carpet, or so we thought! Decided to try oxiclean since I didn't get around to replacing. All I can say is WOW!! I was really impressed how well it worked. Didn't require much work, 2 scoops, 2 gallons of water, soaked with garden hose, lightly scrubbed with medium bristle brush, rinsed with garden hose. You can see the results yourself, seats weren't bad, but still made them look better, see for yourself. I have not been paid or rewarded for this at all. Also works great for delabeling beer and wine bottles, one scoop in sink of hot water, soak bottles about 20 minutes, label and glue fall off! Awesome"

Reelly Naughty
Greenwood, Indiana
"Why I love Oxiclean!!!! www.ohowlovely.blogspot.com"

"Dear OxiClean,
My parents had an Organ in the basement for 20+ years. When they took it out, there was a huge black rectangle of something that appeared to be mold on the carpet. The stain was not coming out! My mom asked for my help and I brought over my carpet steamer and a small tub filled with your product #OxiClean. (Note: The Only thing in the steamer was Hot water and OxiClean. No shampoo or soap!) Without much effort, the stain is now totally gone! I called my mom down to check out what I had done. She squeeled "Oh my heck! I thought for sure it wasn't going to come out! Way to go!!!" #IKnewYouCouldDoIt #NeverLetMeDown #OCForLife"

Salt Lake City, UT
"Finally found the solution for underarm stains. It really works!"

"I was 35 when I had my daughter by that point in my life I had tried every stain remover available, including homemade ones Or old wives tale's to remove stains but when I found Ociclean , Our lives completely changed I went out and bought a secondhand swimming pool for toddlers filled it up halfway with sand my daughter and all the neighbourhood kids lived in that sandbox day after day because mom had found a way to keep my daughters clothes clean that was the time period that OxIclean came out wirh ""Baby ""clean. We went to a big outdoor barbeque /Party where my daughter gladly sat on the ground and played till she was brown with dirt I brought her and her pink dress home tossed her in the tub toss the dress in the sink with oxiclean, got her to bed, and let her dress soak overnight. In the morning i drained the dirt from the sink, rinsed it ,it's still looked very dirty I went into the basement and grab my scrub brush within 20 minutes the pale pink dress was pink again I knew from that moment on but this was my stain remover for life I am 51 years old now and I still use it I will no doubt use it for my grandchildren as well it gave my daughter the freedom to play and it gave me the freedom to not panic when she come home dirty Thank you Oxiclen for doing what you promised to do get rid of stains"

Momma love
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Photo credit: http://www.alongabbeyroad.com/
"OxiClean seriously saves my fiancée work clothes! He pours concrete for a living which is hard dirty work & the concrete gets everywhere and stains everything. Since he wears safety colors it's important to me that they stay bright. Nothing has EVER worked until I tried OxiCleans Foam. Now I am hooked and our budget thanks you! No new shirts every few weeks!"

Eau Claire, WI
"I had a two year old in my car, and he found my tube of red lipstick. He opened the tube and grabbed the lipstick and decided to touch everything! I used napkins to get it off the leather, but it still left a light pink color. I sprayed oxi clean right on the leather and it immediately wiped off. I tried the top of the interior but it took a little muscle, as its fabric. I left it to soak for a few and although it said not to scrub I did anyway. It came out 100% and didn't even look like it ever happened!"

Milwaukee, WI
"I wanted my daughter to wear my christening gown for her baby blessing. In 33 years, it had really yellowed. With nothing to lose, I soaked it in hot water and Oxiclean...perfect. What a treasured memory! #DearOxiClean"

Perkiomenville, PA
"I use oxiclean on all my clothes,linens and i use it to clean stains on anything i can use it on and it won't leave any mark anywhere {carpets,sofas,etc},i tell everyone how great oxiclean is and what a wonderful job it does on removing and cleaning stains anywhere"

Columbia, MD
"I take pride in my laundry because of oxiclean. my whites are white. helps eliminates orders, and stains. I even use it to wash my dogs stuffed toys, in which it works wonders for his dirty toys. I also just love the dishwashing soap they have everything that comes out shiny and clean. so thank you very much."

Tulsa, OK
"Dear OxiClean: Last night my son fell and whacked his head, there was blood everywhere. I was wearing a white shirt, he was wearing a red shirt. I thought for sure I would have to throw my white shirt away. I used OxiClean stain remover on my white shirt and ran out and then used resolve on the red shirt. There was not a single spot of red blood on my shirt - it completely cleaned it - no stains! My son's shirt was ok, but still left stains. Throwing away the resolve and going back to OxiClean! Thanks!"

Karen from Wayne
Wayne, PA
"My husband left a wet, sweaty golf shirt in the hamper. Several days later when I pulled it out to wash it there was lots of mold. The shirt was primarily white. Spray & Wash has absolutely no effect. Then I tried soaking in vinegar overnight. Still no effect. Went and bought a box of OxyClean powder. I dissolved almost half a scoop in very hot water. I left the shirt to soak overnight. When I lifted it out the next morning the mold was totally gone! I thought I might have to replace the shirt or throw it away. Now I will always have some on hand for those crazy stains I don't know what to do with. Thanks for a great product."

"I am somewhat disabled and my Venetian blinds were very dirty. I dissolved Oxiclean in water in bathtub. After soaking for a few minutes blinds were clean. I rinsed outside with garden hose, hung over step ladder to drain and dry. My blinds are now clean! No photo would show the difference but I can see it!"

Dover, TN
"Following a champagne and beer celebration at a ball diamond, the big English "D" and white sleeves on my favorite ball jersey were stained brown - badly! Took the jersey to a "fine" dry cleaning shop and they said it was stained "forever". Soaked the jersey for four hours in some OxiClean and then I washed it. The dry cleaner was wrong as it looks brand new again. I am so happy to be able to wear my jersey with pride again! Thank You so much OxiClean = an awesome product!"

Calgary, AB, Canada
"On the afternoon of picture day for my daughter's softball team, her jersey got caught in the wheel well of our mower (that's a separate story in itself!). Her jersey was covered in thick grease and grass stains. I scrubbed it by hand for a while with OxiClean dissolved in water, then I ran it through a cycle of the washing machine with OxiClean and detergent. COMPLETELY got the stains out!"

Pittsburgh, PA
"I am a banquet server. I come home with wine, french dressing, strawberries,etc. on my shirt. OxiClean does the job. Keeps my shirts spirkling white!!"

Bloomington, MN
Photo credit: http://www.alongabbeyroad.com/
"I am a mother with three boys playing football year round. OxiClean has saved many uniforms with its unbelievable cleaning power. It really is a life saver and has saved me from many hours of scrubbing. I love the product and wouldn't know what I would do without it.

The power of oxiclean after an exciting win last night!"

Grovetown, GA
"I love Italian food but dripped some sauce on 2 of my favorite tops. Pre-treated with Oxi Clean stick & checked them before I put them in the dryer. They worked. No sign of the sauce."

St. Louis
thank you thank you
"We own a snack bar in a bingo hall. We are too small to use a commercial laundry. I thought that we would just have to live with the nacho, chili, oil, etc stains. we buy clean white towels, then rotate them to "cleaning" towels once they reach a visible amount of stains. I saw your commercial on TV re: football uniforms. I bought OxiClean and had amazing results. I now soak the linens overnight (a gals gotta sleep sometime) and finish the laundry in the AM. I cannot thank you enough!!!!"

Sacramento, CA
"Working in the food and beverage industry means my clothes take a beating. This dress had coffee, oil, and blue pen ink stains on it. I soaked it overnight in a bucket of hot water with a scoop of Oxi-Clean and the stains are gone. I wish I had taken a before picture. The black pattern stayed the same but the stains are completely gone. It's my first time using Oxi-Clean and I'm very impressed."

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