Learn how to remove soap scum from various bathroom surfaces with OxiClean bathroom cleaners Learn how to remove soap scum from various bathroom surfaces with OxiClean bathroom cleaners

 How to Remove Soap Scum in the Bathroom

Soap scum happens with steady bathroom usage. But you don’t want it to linger! Learn how to use OxiClean™ bathroom cleaners as soap scum removers on tiles, shower doors and more.

What is Soap Scum?

Soap scum, also known as lime soap, is a chalky-type material that can create a white or gray layer on bathroom surfaces like showers, tubs, sinks, tiles and shower doors. It forms a solid substance when soap mixes with hard water, which has a high mineral content. Many households have hard water, so, if you have pesky soap scum, you’re not alone!

Naturally, you want to practice strong personal hygiene and consistently rinse with shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap. Maybe you’re making things extra soapy with a relaxing bubble bath. But while your bath soaps rinse away dirt and oils from your hair and body, they can then cling to your tub, shower, or sink surfaces in the form of soap scum. After cleaning yourself, cleaning your bathroom isn’t far behind.

Additionally, you should also know that soap scum and hard water stains are different. Hard water stains can form a crusty area or spots where water has been left to evaporate. Soap scum is a film that generally occurs over a larger surface area than hard water stains. That classic ring around the tub or the brownish gunk around your shampoo bottle? Yeah, that’s soap scum.

Can Soap Scum Become Permanent?

Soap scum cannot become permanent, but it can seem nearly impossible to remove if left unattended for too long. The sooner you can clean soap scum, the easier it will be to remove – before it has the chance to harden. But life happens, and if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your bathroom, we won’t judge. We’ll just help you banish soap scum, dirt and grime quickly and easily.

Fortunately, you can use OxiClean™ bathroom cleaners to help remove soap scum and even to help prevent it in the first place. Here’s how!

How to Remove Soap Scum from Bathroom Tiles & Grout

It can be tricky to remove soap scum from bathroom grout and tiles, especially for shower walls and vertical surfaces. But OxiClean™ FoamTastic™ simplifies that process with a clinging foam that stays on the surface, instead of dripping down like liquid sprays or caking at the bottom like scouring powders. Plus, it has a color-changing action, so you know when the foam has worked its magic on the soap scum beneath!

Spray icon
1. Spray

Hold the container 6-8 inches from the tile or surface you’re trying to clean. Apply a thick layer and make sure the surfaces you’re spraying are thoroughly wet.

Wait icon
2. Wait

The blue bubbles in OxiClean™ FoamTastic™ work to remove soap scum and hard water stains on tiles and grout. Wait about 5 minutes or until the foam turns white.

Wipe icon
3. Wipe

Once the foam is white, wipe away the grime and gunk with a wet cloth, then rinse the area with water and dry accordingly. Tougher buildup may require a second full application in order to more thoroughly remove soap scum.

Leave behind the frustrating and arduous scrubbing of removing soap scum with a sponge and standard cleaner. OxiClean™ FoamTastic™ does the hard work on tiles and grout for you. It also comes in Fresh and Lemon Citrus Scents that will leave your bathroom smelling wonderful.

How to Remove Soap Scum from the Bathtub

The bathtub can be a haven for soap scum and hard water stains since it’s where you use your favorite shampoos, conditioners, body washes, shaving creams, sugar scrubs and bath salts. But OxiClean™ Bathroom Cleaner uses powerful, chlorine bleach-free stain fighters to help remove soap scum and other gnarly stains for a squeaky-clean feeling. Try it on textured bathtub bottoms or shower pans, or around your drain where soap scum can be tricky.

Target icon
1. Readyl

 Make sure to turn the nozzle to the “On” position. Then, you’re ready to spray away.

Spray icon
2. Spray

 Spray all areas of the bathtub where soap scum resides. Continue to apply until the surface(s) are thoroughly wet.

Wipe icon
3. Wipe

 Wipe with a damp cloth to remove the chalky residue.

Don’t just use OxiClean™ Bathroom Cleaner in the bathtub. It helps remove stains and grime around the sink and in those hard-to-reach areas surrounding and underneath the toilet bowl. Like FoamTastic™, it also works to clean grout! Give OxiClean™ Bathroom Cleaner a try so you can enjoy your next soothing bath to the fullest.

How to Get Rid of Soap Scum

Glass shower doors can fog up and produce film that appears hard to clean. A great way to clean soap scum is to prevent it in the first place, and OxiClean™ Shower Guard™ does just that. It helps repel stains and leaves behind a sturdy shield on shower doors in just two steps.

Spray icon

 Spray your shower doors until thoroughly wet.

Finish icon
2. Finish

Walk away. No need to scrub, wipe or rinse, just let Shower Guard™ work its magic!

No sweat, right? A single spray of Shower Guard™ creates a transparent shield on tile and glass that repels soap scum and water spots 4X longer than the other leading daily shower cleaner. It extends the days between deep cleaning so you can enjoy a sparkling, fresh shower and tub for days without worrying about constantly having to scrub or rinse.

Alternatively, you may choose to use Bathroom Cleaner to help remove soap scum from shower doors. Simply follow the steps listed in the “Bathtub” section to get rid of the grime.

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