How to Remove a Mustard Stain

Getting out mustard stains with OxiClean.

Summer picnics, ballgames, and state fairs are great places to get a hot dog or hamburger and add the spicy zing of mustard. One bite, and you could be looking at a mustard stain on your jeans or even your white shirt. Fortunately, OxiClean™ has a solution for how to remove mustard stains.

How to Remove Mustard Stains From Clothes

If you get a mustard dribble on your shirt or pants, don’t despair. With a little pre-treatment and care, you’ll be successful at removing it.

Mustard stain removal.

OxiClean™ Max Force™ Laundry Stain Remover Spray is packed with powerful enzymes designed to target all sorts of stains, including food-based stains like mustard. It’s your secret weapon for how to remove mustard stains from jeans, cotton clothes, or other fabrics.

Follow these steps to get mustard stains out:

  1. Read the clothing label. Do not use OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Laundry Stain Remover Spray if your item is silk, wool, leather, or labeled “dry clean only.” Always test on a small inconspicuous area, such as an inside hem, before using. Do not treat garment while wearing.
  2. Pre-treat the mustard stain by spraying OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Laundry Stain Remover Spray directly to the stain. Pre-treating helps keep the stain from further penetrating the cloth fibers, making the stain harder to remove.
  3. Wait at least five minutes for the OxiClean™ to penetrate the clothing fibers and begin breaking down the stain. You can even treat now and wash up to a week later. For fabrics that are prone to color change, do not let stand longer than 5 minutes. You can use OxiClean™ Max Force™ Laundry Stain Remover on all washable white clothes, as well as colored fabrics (some colored fabrics may be prone to color change).
  4. Wash with your usual detergent at the temperature settings recommended by the item’s label. Boost the stain-fighting power by adding a scoop of OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover™ directly to the drum with your clothes.

How to Get Mustard Stains Out of Carpets

Mustard stains can wind up anywhere, including your carpet. To remove mustard stains from carpet, use OxiClean™ Carpet & Area Rug Stain Remover Spray and these easy steps.

  1. Immediately blot up the excess mustard as much as possible. The quicker you can treat the stain, the easier it will be to remove.
  2. Test OxiClean™ Carpet & Area Rug Stain Remover on an inconspicuous area of carpet, such as behind a door or piece of furniture. Let stand for 10 minutes. Do not use on wool, leather, or silk.
  3. Spray OxiClean™ Carpet & Area Rug Stain Remover directly onto the mustard stain. Saturate the area so the solution can penetrate the carpet fibers.
  4. Wait 10 minutes to allow the product to penetrate.
  5. Blot the area with a clean, color-fast cloth or sponge. You should notice the mustard stain transferring to the cloth or sponge as you blot. If the stain persists after drying, repeat a second time.
  6. Vacuum the area after it is completely dry.

Get Mustard Stains Out With OxiClean™