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How to Get Stains Out of Your Holiday Fabrics

It's no secret — the holidays can get messy. No matter how great of a set up you have, someone is bound to spill. We've got the scoop on treating stains so your linens and holiday outfits will look nice year after year.

How to Keep Your Seasonal Linens and Clothes Clean and Fresh

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OK, say you dribbled some gravy on the pretty table runner or had to wipe up some sweet-potato spillage with your nice linen napkins. Those stains will likely just need a good launder with the addition of OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover. It's chlorine-free, color-safe, and super versatile. Just add OxiClean™ along with detergent to your load of laundry — it works in both High Efficiency (HE) and non-HE washing machines to get your clothes extra clean.
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