Glass shower doors looking refreshed with the help of OxiClean OxiClean™ bathroom cleaners Glass shower doors looking refreshed with the help of OxiClean OxiClean™ bathroom cleaners

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors for a Bathroom That Shines

Shower doors and glass frames accumulate scum and muck even while you clean, but OxiClean™ bathroom cleaners can help freshen the look and restores the ambiance of showers and bathrooms alike.

Getting Clean Can Leave Behind Quite a Mess

The bathroom is a sanctuary for cleanliness… until it isn’t. Using bathroom amenities can relieve and refresh, but extensive use without deep cleaning can create some problems. It’s important to keep an eye on how fog and soap scum contribute to staining on windows, doors and mirrors.

Why Does My Glass Shower Door Fog Up?

Do you ever turn on your shower and realize that your glass door almost immediately begins to fog up? That’s because condensation, or warm water droplets collide with the cool surface of the glass. Hot showers increase humidity and air temperature, causing your shower door to fog up. To help minimize fogging on shower doors and mirrors, try lowering the water temperature, turning on the fan or showering with the door open.

What Is Soap Scum and How is it Formed?

Soap scum is the white, chalky layer that forms on shower curtains and doors when soap is used with hard water, or water with high mineral content. As noted by the U.S. Geological Survey, hard water isn’t necessarily bad. However, it’s pesky and can contribute to mold stains in your shower.

Can You Use Window Cleaners and Squeegees on Your Shower Door?

OK, so you’ve discovered some soap scum in the bathroom. Do squeegees work well in getting rid of hard water, and can you use traditional glass cleaners to wipe away the grime?

Is Using Your Bathroom Squeegee Enough?

Shower squeegees are great for wiping away moisture from shower walls, glass doors and mirrors, but using a squeegee alone will not necessarily prevent soap scum and hard-water build-up. Instead, use the squeegee to wipe away bathroom cleaning sprays after they have been applied.

How Often Should You Clean Your Glass Shower Doors?

Shower doors and walls should be sprayed or wiped down daily, after each use to maintain a clean bathroom and prevent soap scum, mold and mildew stains. It’s a good idea to deep clean showers and tubs on a periodic basis – we suggest weekly or monthly to remove any stains that have occurred. Luckily, OxiClean™ bathroom cleaners make keeping up with cleaning easy.

How to Use OxiClean™ to Deep Clean Dirty Shower Doors

Shower doors cleaned of stains and grime after spraying OxiClean™ Bathroom Cleaner.
Shower doors cleaned of stains and grime after spraying OxiClean™ Bathroom Cleaner.

Your shower might rack up all sorts of grime through time, regardless of how recently you refurbished. OxiClean™ bathroom cleaners help you preserve the feel of your waterfall showers and soaker tubs.

Use OxiClean™ Bathroom Cleaner to Deep Clean Shower Glass

Has soap scum already made its imprint? Clean your shower glass door with OxiClean™ Bathroom Cleaner, the powerful spray that gets rid of hard-water build-up.

Point icon
1. Point

Locate soiled or fogged spots on your shower glass or around the tub.

Spray icon
2. Spray

Hold container 6”–8” from surface and spray until thoroughly wet.

Wipe icon
3. Wipe

Wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

OxiClean™ Bathroom Cleaner doesn’t just tackle stains and grime on shower doors. You can also use it in the tub and all around sink and toilet areas, including the base. It also fights calcium and lime stains, grease and gunk in grout. OxiClean™ can tackle the lofty task of reviving your bathroom tiles and amenities.

OxiClean™ Helps to Clean Mildew Stains from Shower Doors

Mold and mildew stains can pop up on shower curtain liners and glass doors as well as bathroom tiles. OxiClean™ + Bleach Mold & Mildew Bathroom Stain Remover helps to erase mold stains.

Spray icon
1. Spray

Spray surface to cover mold or mildew stains.

Wipe icon
2. Wipe

Wipe with a slightly damp cloth or a wet sponge.

The active-bleach foam cleaner clings to vertical surfaces, crevices and corners and wipes out mold and mildew stains. No longer will you have to worry about pesky stains ruining the look of your bathroom.

Using OxiClean™ to Prevent Grimy Buildup in Your Shower

Glass shower doors freshly cleaned with OxiClean™ Bathroom Cleaner.
Glass shower doors freshly cleaned with OxiClean™ Bathroom Cleaner.

It’s not always about cleaning up messes. You’ll also want to take measures to prevent dirt from becoming a pervasive issue in your bathroom. OxiClean™ Shower Guard™ makes this process fast and easy.

Use OxiClean™ Shower Guard™ to Avoid Soap Scum Accumulation

Maintain the integrity of that luxurious rain shower by using OxiClean™ Shower Guard™ to stop the build-up of soap scum and keep your glass shower doors clean.

Spray icon
1. Spray

Thoroughly spray stained tiles or glass.

Fast icon
2. Finish

Allow Shower Guard™ spray to work its magic!.

Yep, that’s it! One simple spray of Shower Guard™ spray creates a transparent shield on tile and glass that repels soap scum and water spots 4X longer than the other leading daily shower cleaner. This, in turn, helps you avoid the stressors of deep cleaning and leaves you with a clean shower and tub.

Keep Your Bathroom in Tip-Top Shape With OxiClean™

The bathroom should evoke a peaceful place of comfort. OxiClean™ bathroom cleaners keep tiles, doors and sinks clean so you can extend the life of your bathroom and shower. Additionally, you should make sure to deep clean your bathroom at least once every month.

Break out the OxiClean™ bathroom cleaners and feel more at home singing your heart out in the (freshly cleaned) shower.

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