Remove stains and odors

Test in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Can be used on laundry only.
1. Fill

Mix one capful of OxiClean™ per gallon of the warmest water recommended by the garment care label.

2. Soak

1–6 hours. Depending on severity of stain or odor, some stains may require more time to soak.

3. Wash

As normal.

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This liquid formula is a stain and odor remover for clothes

Pair with your laundry detergent to eliminate tough odors

Color safe

Frequently asked questions

How much liquid detergent should I use?
Please refer to the back of the bottle for proper dosing instructions.
What happens if I use more detergent than recommended?
Please use the amount recommended. Using more detergent should not hurt your clothes or a regular washing machine, but it can damage a HE washing machine. If you own a HE machine, it is important that you use only the amount recommended.
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