Washing machine and laundry basket. Washing machine and laundry basket.

How to Clean a Smelly Washing Machine

Residue can build up inside a washer, leaving clothes smelling musty. Use OxiClean™ Washing Machine Cleaner to help remove odor-causing residue and debris in your washer.

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Cleaning your Washing Machine and Removing Odor-Causing Residues with OxiClean™

OxiClean™ Washing Machine Cleaner package.
Cleaning a Washing Machine
Maintaining your washer with OxiClean™ Washing Machine Cleaner can help keep it clean and prevent musty smells that linger on clothing. Follow these directions to help remove built-up residue in your washing machine and keep clothes smelling fresh.


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Tear one pouch of OxiClean™ Washing Machine Cleaner and pour it into the washer drum of your front load or top load washer. Ensure the washer has been completely emptied. Do not add any detergent to this cycle.

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2. Wash

Select the Clean Washer cycle and start the machine. Note: if washer does not have Clean Washer Cycle, run a normal cycle using hot water.

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3. Wipe

After cycle is complete, wipe any residue that may be left behind with a towel, including on drum, door, rubber gaskets and seals. Leave the door open to allow better ventilation.

There are 2 instances for using OxiClean™ Washing Machine Cleaner:
1. To help remove existing odors or visible residue.
If there is currently a funky smell or visible buildup in your washer, clean your machine once per week for three consecutive weeks. After that, you can follow the preventative maintenance schedule.
2. For Preventative Maintenance.
Your washing machine plays an important role in keeping your clothes clean. Why not return the favor and keep your washing machine clean? Simply use one pouch once a month to help keep your washing machine looking and smelling clean!
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How to Clean a Washing Machine

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