Young girl in red outfit looks through a closet of white and navy-colored robes. Young girl in red outfit looks through a closet of white and navy-colored robes.

How to Keep Clothes Looking New

OxiClean™ products are all you need to power out stains, revive whites, protect darks, and fight fading so you can take care of your clothes and help them last.

Keep Your Clothes Looking Fresh

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Shrinking or losing shape is one of the biggest reasons that people throw away clothes after washing and one of the most common laundry complaints. It’s no fun when you have an item of clothing that fits great, but comes out of the laundry too small, too short, or out of proportion. Shrinking usually happens from washing or drying your clothes using too-high temperatures, or from not following the directions on the item’s care label.

Many people think you need to use hot water to get clothes cleaner, especially if they are full of sweat and odor. However, hot water is rough on clothing fibers and can cause your clothes to stretch out of shape, shrink, or “pill”, also known as microfiber shedding.

To prevent shrinking, wash your clothes in cool or cold water, and use a detergent that’s designed to work well in all water temperatures. To remove sweat and odors in clothing, try pre-soaking items in OxiClean™ Odor Blasters™ Versatile Odor & Stain Remover before washing to get out tough stains and odors. OxiClean™ is free of chlorine and preservatives, so it’s safe on colors and gentle on your clothing – without sacrificing performance or leaving chemical residues.
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