How to get out coffee stains with OxiClean™

Small Coffee Stains Large Coffee Stains

Removing coffee stains spots with OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Spray

Accidental spills, leaky cups - coffee can cause a mess! There’s no worse start to the day than a coffee spill on your clothing, but with OxiClean™ MaxForce™ coffee stains don’t have to ruin an outfit forever. Easily remove the toughest coffee and drink stains with OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Spray!

Always test OxiClean™ MaxForce™ in an inconspicuous area prior to use and can be used on all washable whites and colored fabrics. Do not treat garment while wearing.

SPRAY directly onto the coffee spot or stain until saturated.

TREAT AND WASH Let stand for 5 minutes to up to 1 hour for best results. For fabrics that are prone to color change, do no let stand longer than 5 minutes.

WASH with detergent in the warmest water the fabric will accept.

Tackle other tough food stains such as ketchup or grease. With OxiClean™ you can Get the Tough Stains Out! And if your whole cup of coffee goes flying onto your shirt or pants use OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover powder to remove large coffee stains.

Getting out large coffee stains with OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover

Don't let a mishap with your morning cup of joe ruin your day, or your clothing. Coffee spills can happen, but OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover is there to tackle even the biggest coffee catastrophe.

Always test OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover on an inconspicuous area first. Rinse, and allow it to dry. Safe on colorfast fabrics only. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for water temperature and for cleaning garment. Do not use on wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather or on fabrics labeled dry-clean only.

MIX Fill scoop to line 2 to 4 per 1 gallon of water. Line 2 for typical stains or Line 4 for extra-tough stains. Submerge stained items in solution after dissolved.

SOAK 1-6 hours. Depending on severity of stain, some stains may require more time to soak. For best results, soak for 6 hours.

WASH as normal with detergent and OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover.

Our favorite foods can make some of the worst messes and stains, such as ketchup and drinks like wine, are some the toughest to remove. But with OxiClean™, you can Get the Tough Stains Out! And to get even more tough stains out on the first try, combine with OxiClean™ detergent.